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Recounting the journey

Coachees and Sponsors can approach coaching with clear ideas of the areas and issues for potential development. The objectivity and independence of the coach, with trust and confidentiality can often explore areas that are unavailable – or hidden – even from the coachee themselves. Results can be surprising, enhance performance and potential – and be genuinely life-changing.

This is feedback from M a European Operations manager recounting her journey:

It will probably flow more naturally if I feedback in my own words so here goes.

I started the coaching sessions enthusiastically, believing myself to have a specific issue in the work place regarding how I came across to, and was perceived by, others.

The first session went pretty much along these lines, with focus being made on the fact that I was a woman in a male dominated industry and organisation and that I needed to focus on times when I felt powerful and try and bring these thoughts to conscious thought. I found it quite difficult to do this although I had no real idea as to why and went into the second session without having made any real progress for myself.

The second session was something of a watershed (literally!) with the realisation that in truth I was not happy with not only life as it was at the time but that I was carrying baggage from the past that was shaping my view of myself, the future and influencing how I lived my life. This was a surprise to me, as I always felt I had successfully reconciled events and experiences but through discussion and questioning it was clear this was not the case. I felt totally comfortable with Chris and under no pressure whatsoever and was able to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings and my low self esteem. I was encouraged to push my personal boundaries in the time between the next session and to keep a diary of how I felt. I was encouraged by this approach to buy a book regarding self esteem and worked through this between this session and the next, using the thoughts and points from the discussions with Chris to work through the exercises. The fact that I knew I would have another session to discuss my actions and progress was enormously encouraging and supportive. I was quite ill in between the second and third sessions and took this as a sign that I needed to slow down and focus on myself for a change.

 By the time of the third session I felt much more optimistic and delighted with the progress I had made. I appreciate there is a way to go but there have been huge strides in the past weeks. The third session was largely made up of me talking about what I had done (not a usual experience for me!) and Chris was really encouraging and positive about the progress I had made.

My goal now is to focus on the future and build on the foundations that are being laid. Had it not been for the sessions with Chris I do not believe I would have embarked on this journey – I am grateful for the coaching sessions I have had and look forward to the next one! This has been an exhausting, challenging, emotional but more importantly a hugely beneficial experience and one I feel I will benefit from in all aspects of my life.

You said not to polish it so this is as it has fallen out of my head – no editing or censoring!


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